We cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace where anyone can share an idea and know it will be heard and respected.

Unleashing the power of our people

We need every Devon employee to contribute as we seek to increase innovation in environmentally responsible and safe operations with strong financial results. A workforce capable of meeting these high expectations is supported by Devon’s inclusion and diversity (I&D) vision to unleash the power of our people. When decisions are made by people who represent a diversity of thought, broad experiences and fresh perspectives, we sharpen our competitive edge.


One of our most important goals is to encourage inclusion. We believe this will improve our organizational performance and enhance our culture. In 2018, Devon focused on raising awareness about inclusive behaviors and unconscious bias. We held educational sessions with Devon leaders and a series of employee town hall gatherings, followed by training opportunities for deeper learning. Teams then watched educational videos together and discuss what they learned about making inclusion foundational to our relationships.

We believe an inclusive, diverse workforce produces superior financial results, a belief that is supported by a growing body of research. Our I&D strategy is intended to create an environment where each person contributes to their fullest.

Taking action to increase inclusion and diversity

Devon formed an Employee Inclusion Action Team that strives to proactively and consistently increase awareness, identify challenges, drive accountability and find innovative ways for the company to embrace inclusion and celebrate our diversity. More than 30 employees from across Devon asked to be on the team, which organized Devon’s first participation in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Oklahoma City in January 2019. The action team is planning other activities and learning opportunities to support I&D at Devon.

Devon employees were proud to participate in this celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in January 2019.

Devon women leading our industry

Devon sponsors the Oklahoma Women’s Energy Network chapter and employee memberships. In 2018, Devon employees accounted for 20% of the group’s membership, including three board members, six committee chairs, and more than 60 mentors and mentees. These volunteers are an example of our commitment to professional development and building a community. Our employees benefit from networking and leadership opportunities; individual contributors in particular say as their network expands and mentor relationships deepen, they become more successful.

Devon, with three employees on the board, is a driving force behind the Women in Energy Network.

To attract more women to technology jobs, Devon supports Oklahoma Women in Technology (OKWIT) and its efforts to bridge the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Less than 20% of qualified applicants for technology jobs are women, and Devon believes our involvement in OKWIT will help increase the number of women graduating with STEM degrees who can then enter the technology talent pipeline. About 40 Devon employees are active in OKWIT and activities like its 2018 fall retreat, which was attended by more than 370 teachers and students. As a result of our OKWIT participation and other efforts, about half of our technology interns were female in 2018. Our involvement with OKWIT is consistent with our broader companywide efforts to support STEM activities.

Diverse skills, one team

Because we believe that inclusion and performance are intrinsically linked, Devon strives to build diverse, inclusive teams where people of different disciplines, perspectives and skill sets collaborate to improve our results. This functional diversity is evident in our Technology group, where our information technology (IT), operations-based data and analytics, and other improvement and technology experts and resources work together to support our business needs. Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) team takes a similar approach to support our operations teams as trusted advisors in EHS and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.